In relation to the subject and to the new government regulations, with specific reference to Treviso province, in accordance with those regulations and to the rules of conduct indicated therein, we confirm you that Spazzolplastica is fully operational with all its workforce.

At the moment, we are normally working with three work shifts per day, both in the Plastic Spools Department and in the Wire Basket Spools Department.

We confirm that these new government regulations do not restrict the movement of people for working needs nor the transfer of goods. To date, cargo and delivery plans are confirmed, because the entrance in areas kept under surveillance is allowed without any restrictions to carriers and forwarders.

Our working activity is at its absolute normal levels, as well as stock levels in our warehouse, thus guaranteeing continuity and respect of deliveries to our customers.

Spazzolplastica, of course, in order to give continuity to its own business, adopted and is adopting all the measures and directions provided for in the several government regulations on this subject, in full respect and in full health protection of its own workforce and of the third parties involved in their own working activity. We inform you that, at the moment, the specific territory/municipality where the production site of Spazzolplastica is located has not been affected with any specific case of Coronavirus.

It will be our clear commitment to keep you constantly updated on the evolution of this situation. In case you need any further information, you can contact the following phone number or write to the following email: mobile: +39 3356118074 / email: Best regards.