Harmonious and minimal lines for restyling the historic logo.

Rebranding is a choice underlining the will for continuity of a company that looks toward the future every day, with the experiential vision of its past – as Spazzolplastica does. The first logo, that has been used until 2007, was characterized by a bold font and by the red S that in those years allowed the company to have a clear identification in the sector. The classic graphics with the stylized spool that our customers know by now has been gradually introduced since 2008. The new logo, instead, that has been designed thinking about the values that we have at heart, in fact changes our visual identity, but without losing the historical significance of the brand.

The chosen font is technical, harmonious, and linear, to recall the robust security that Spazzolplastica offers to its customers, and to recall at the same time its simplicity of action. While maintaining the same form and style as the previous logo, a research on more modern types has been carried out, thus improving its legibility.

The spool – symbol of the core business of the company – is now empty and without background, in order to promote a balance of the logo, so that the reader is able to get an overall view. One of the innovations is the red line at the side of the payoff, symbolizing not only the continuity between past and future, but also our concept of experience applied to new technologies. This clear line, however, does not divide, but joins instead – exactly as wires on the spools do, to which it is inspired – in an ongoing relationship between the heritage of the company and its continuous evolution. Finally, the new payoff “Easier spooling with us” underlines our vocation in an even more direct way.

Therefore, the image of the company changes, but not its attitude to the continuous research of innovative solutions for the needs of their customers, that have been relying on Spazzolplastica for years.