It is not just a drum, it is a real solution. Innovative and with a unique design, Konik is the new and revolutionary product created by Spazzolplastica to make storage even easier, optimizing at most space in warehouse and during transport.

A new and certified concept. In its innovative conical shape, the new Spazzolplastica drum includes a unique and patented product. Inside it is the cylindrical shape that easily transforms the internal volume from a conical shape to a cylindrical shape, adaptable and compatible with any drum packers.

Innovative design for a smart management
KoniK solves the problem of space allocated to transport and storage. Its shape allows to store and transport 17 Konik drums in the space that is normally occupied by 3 traditional cylindrical drums.

A sustainable solution
KoniK is the first drum made entirely of recycled plastic and compared to the traditional cylindrical drum, it can be used up to three times. Moreover, it is 100% recyclable. Conceived, designed and manufactured to have an improved life cycle, compared to the traditional drums every single step of the production process has been optimized to minimize CO2 emissions.
Moreover, at the end of the third use, Spazzolplastica is available to purchase the drum from its customers in order to grind it down and transform it into a renewed raw material, ready to face a new cycle of uses.

Safe sea transports, thanks to the Klima version
The special Konik Klima version has been conceived, designed and created to respond to the needs related to sea transports. The hermetic closing system, with a lid provided with a gasket, allows a complete insulation of the internal area of the drum from any external agent, such as humidity and water.

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